Training Log - Saturday, February 19, 2011

2/19/2011 03:24:00 PM

Due to some unforeseen car trouble, I ended up staying in town this weekend. That also allowed me to go for an unexpected run. Since Anya wanted to get out for a run as well, we decided to head out together for a UAH loop and to split up after the first loop, so I could get in another one or two loops. It was really nice outside, a little over 60 degrees with a light breeze and a bit of an overcast sky. I ended up going for two more for close to 9.5 miles. I also managed to pick up the pace a little over the second half of the run.

While it felt pretty good initially, I did start to feel some of the remaining aches from the last couple of weeks over the last mile. Overall, however, it was a great little run. Hopefully, I didn't spend all of the little energy I currently posess as I had set up another run with Richard for Sunday earlier today. Should make for just enough mileage for just the second week of ercovery after Rocky Raccoon and the flu. If that sounds like a repetitive comment that stretcvhed throughout my recent training logs, then you are correct. I just don't feel at 100% just yet. Hopefully, that will pass. Either way, if I start feeling down about being a little sluggish right now, I just look at my home office wall at that little shadow box that now houses my first 100 mile belt buckle;-)

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