Training Log - Sunday, June 26, 2011

6/27/2011 01:38:00 AM

So I actually got guilted into going for a run this morning by Anya on the account of my leaving again for work in Asia for almost two weeks after just coming back from running the Desert RATS race last week. And thank goodness she did. I really enjoyed our run, short and easy, just right for me to continue my recovery from running 148 miles last week.

I have to admit, even in the desert, the heat really didn't bother me that much while running, so when I got back to Alabama and the hot temps and humidity here, it really didn't bother me either. Don't get me wrong, I sweat like crazy and need to stay on top of my hydration, but I can handle it. I usually don't have issues with overheating. Unlike my usual running partners. Last week it was Rich and this week it was Anya, struggling not with the running, but with the ridiculous heat and humidity, already oppressive at 7:30 on this Sunday morning.

Either way, she didn't cut the run short, which she could have, but instead stuck it out to continue her Disneyland Half Marathon training. I can't wait to join her for another early 4am midweek morning run (to avoid the heat and to get it in before she has to head to work) as soon as I get back from Asia.

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