Training Log - Thursday, June 23, 2011

6/23/2011 01:20:00 PM

I got up at 4 AM today to go for a run with my better half, since she has to leave for work by 5:30 AM every morning. I think she'll be trying to have one early morning run per week to go with the three runs she does between Saturday and Monday in preparation of the Disneyland Half Marathon in September. The humidity this morning was already way up there and the temps had cooled very litttle since last night. It had to be in the 80s already. We went for an easy 3.5 miles, just what the doctor ordered after the desert race last week. Everything feels fine and once the blisters are all healed up, I plan to pick up the pace again. I've been looking at some races for the remainder of the year and it looks like I will be attempting two 100 milers before this year is over. Hey, you just can't beat any 100 mile race that is within a 2 hour drive.

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