Training Log - Monday, July 19, 2011

7/19/2011 05:37:00 AM

One word: Jello. At least that's what my legs felt like while climbing the Cotton Row hill for the twelvth time last night. My legs still felt shot from the long run on Sunday evening and the temperatures and humidity did the rest.

I met up with Rich shortly after work to run the Cotton Row hill near his house as part of this week's hill workout. We both had sore legs from last week's workouts, but we knew we had to get this one done. After running the hill a couple of times, I seemed to losen up a little. The 6-8 uphill runs in the middle of the workout seemed to be the easiest. As my body was getting fatigued, it obviously became a little more difficult.

Overall, it was a good workout. Tomorrow's workout calls for 11 slow miles. Again, I'm not sure I like the naming convention of my training schedule sessions. I guess terms area ll relative, but calling 8 minute pace slow is just not right, at least not in my mind;-)

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