Training Log - Thursday, July 14, 2011

7/14/2011 07:04:00 AM

Day 4 of my training plan called for an "easy" 5 mile run. Easy? Not really. I now realize what has been severely lacking in the training regimen...any kind of speedwork, be it tempo runs, fartlek, track workouts or even just picking up the pace during any of my training runs. I have not focused on pace at all, instead running mostly at a leasurely pace, telling myself that I have been running an ultra per month ans that should keep me ready to go at any time. Obviosuly, I won't get any better (faster) by neglecting actual pace during all my training runs, so I am glad I am finally refocussing my training.

I ran my usual UAH loop at 6AM this morning, trying to focus on keeping a steady pace. The training schedule called for 5 miles at a pace between 8:43-8:23 minutes per mile. I managed to keep my overall pace at 8:29. The temps were already around 77 degrees and the humidity is jsut consistently high these days, not really dropping overnight. I'm glad to have completed another workout on my way to my second 100 mile race finish.

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