Training Log - Wednesday, July 27, 2011

7/27/2011 01:39:00 PM

Today's workout schedule called for a slow 12 mile run. I ended up running slower than scheduled (still dealing with the humidity) and a couple of miles less as well.

I picked up Rich at his house at 4:45AM, so we could get an early start on the Dizzy Fifties south and north loops on top of Monte Sano mountain for close to 10 miles. Unfortunately, Rich just wasn't feeling it today, having to deal with some issues pretty much right from the start. As a result, he told me to take off about 2-3 miles into our run. After getting some quick directions from Rich on how to proceed my run ("right, then left, then a quick right"), I continued on to complete the south loop before continuing on to run the north loop.

I am absolutely hopeless with directions or even having a sense of direction. I am the single reason that GPS navigation devices have been invented. Thankfully, Rich's quick rundown of the trails that I neded to stay on was sufficient to keep me not only going, but keep me going in the right direction. I was able to pick up the pace during most of the north loop as it was mostly downhill. However, the final section of the north loop is a nice climb back to the top, so I really lost some time there.

Overall, it was a pretty decent run today. I maintained a slow, but generally better pace than on the last couple of trail runs and I actually pushed myself a little more than usual to climb the uphills, msotly running them. The temps were in the low 70s with the humidity levels just as high as they've been for the last 4 weeks.

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  1. Martin, would like to hit those trails with you sometime. i use to mountain bike up there a lot before i got the running bug - jason

  2. Jason, sure thing. Feel free to join any time. I usually try to run up there once or twice a week with one or more of my running buddies.


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