Training Log - Friday, August 12, 2011

8/12/2011 01:15:00 PM

Well, although I had different plans for today, I ended up running alone, so instead of heading up and down on the Monte Sano mountain trails, I opted to stay close to home and run the usual road loop at UAH. I swapped workouts between today and Saturday, so I needed to run a total of 6 miles.

The temperatures were actually kind of nice this AM, starting in the low 70s for a change. There was a little bit of a fog, which also kept the sun out of my eyes for most of the run. The first 2 miles came easy, but the second half of the workout was a struggle. I did 4 miles at 7:18 minimum pace and a warm up and cool down mile at 8:15 pace. That leaves an easy 3 miler for tomorrow, which I'll swap for a local 5K race and a half marathon run on Sunday.

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