Training Log - Monday, August 1, 2011 (Part 2)

8/01/2011 02:11:00 PM

Wow, after completing the workout scheduled for yesterday this morning instead, I decided not to wait until tonight to do today's speed workout, but to squeeze it in during my lunch break. I know that's not qise, but I actually did ok, at least I managed to keep the target pace during each leg of my intervall workout.

The training schedule called for a 1 mile warmup at 8:45 pace, followed by 15x 200m fast runs at 6:15 pace alternating 15x 100m recovery jogs in between and following it up with a final 1 mile cooldown at 8:45 minute per mile pace.

Rather than drive all the way to a local high school track, I decided to just head out from my house and run my usual road course around the UAH campus instead. Using my Garmin FR 310XT and its ability to schedule just about any workout you can imagine, I just ran on the sidewalk and road and followed the audio and visual indications of my Garmin. It worked great, although the midday sun did make it somewhat challenging. On my cooldown mile beack to the house, my mouth was dry as can be. I was looking forward to just finihsing up and gulping down 2-3 bottles of Propel and Gatorade Recover.

Tomorrow's workout calls for a slow 8 miler. I'm not sure where Runners World UK came up with the names for the workouts in its Garmin Marathon Training Schedule, but to call 8-8:30 minute per mile pace "slow" just doesn't seem right, at least not in my world, anyway.

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