Training Log - Monday, August 1, 2011 (Part 1)

8/01/2011 11:28:00 AM

Since I decidd to skip out on my training yesterday, I neded to make up for it today. I set the alarm for 4:30 AM and took off on my own to run downtown, follow the Cotton Row 10K race course and head back home again for an 11 mile run.
The temperatures were already approaching 80 degrees downtown and the humidity had reached 90% and the sun hadn't even risen, yet. I knew I was in for a tough one, especially considering that I needed to run a better pace than I had been. Rather than keep checking my Garmin for pace, I decided to try to run by feel, pushing hard without ovcerdoing it too early into the run.

I had taken a 20oz. handbottle with me and decided to drink the first half of it once I reached the top of the Cotton Row hill and the second half of it once I reached the top of the Holmes Ave hill on my way back. I stuck to the plan, but it was hard. My sweat rate has been ridiculous on these hot and humid training runs, dropping 2 lbs. for 30 minutes of running even with the 20oz. of Properl that I drank during the run.

I actually had a pretty good run. When I got home and checked my Garmin and to my surprise I kept a decent pace of 8:45 or so per mile even with the two hills on my route. It might not be fast, but I'll take it on a training run in this weather. But because I skipped yesterday's run and moved it to this morning, I now have to do another run today at lunch or after work....and the training schedule calls for speedwork. Oh boy!

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