Training Log - Wednesday, August 31, 2011

8/31/2011 09:30:00 PM

Once again, I've been dealing with little nagging injuries, so I've been trying to dial back my training without completely letting myself go. So when Anya got home from work today, I joined her for a treadmill workout at our local university gym. She wanted to do a 30 minute workout just to get the legs moving once more before our half marathon on Saturday.

I decided to do a 1 mile warmup followed by as many 6:55 minute per mile intervals as I could get done before Anya completed her workout. I managed to squeeze almost 4.5 miles in before calling it a day. I did three miles at 6:55 pace with short 0.15 mile slow job breaks in between, enough to really start working a sweat, but still much nicer than the heat and humidity that greeted us once we left the gym to head back home. I utilized the little Garmin foot pod and it worked perfectly, much better than the previous much larger (and older) version of the foot pod, tracking my time and distance almost exactly as the treadmill did.

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