Training Log - Friday, September 2, 2011

9/02/2011 09:13:00 AM

Before flying to LA to run and pace Anya at the Disneyland Half Marathon in Anaheim, CA, I wanted to get one last training run in. After all, I still have the Georgia Jewel 100 on my calendar for the end of this month.

I've been feeling sluggish and I wanted to do a fun trail run. Luckily, Richard knew just what to do. He had only done this trail section one time about with years ago with his brother. Even then, it was just by accident. I picked Rich up at his house at 5:30am and we headed up Bankhead Parkway to the hikers parking lot at Monte Sano State Park.

Once we arrived there, we headed towards the old Bankhead Pwy section that is now closed to traffic due to some serious errosion. We were looking for a lightly overgrown steep downhill trail section that would take us to the (never run before) Flat Rock Connector Trail. Once we found it, we made our way down this fairly technical section of trail and onto the Flat Rock trail.

Honestly, this was a fun run. It ended up being about 8 miles with a steep downhill at the beginning and a steep climb at the end. We hit quite a few different trails during this run (Warpath Ridge, South Loop, etc.). While it was at a slow pace, it felt like a good training run. The temps weren't too bad either with the humidity slightly lower than usual.

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  1. Use to mountain bike flat rock. Allows quite a few miles to be strung together. Awesome!


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