Training Log - Monday, September 12, 2011

9/12/2011 10:41:00 AM

Having run only limited mileage over the last few weeks due to fatigue and other issues, I really wanted to start off the week with a nice training run. Rich had decided to do the Drake run, so I met up with him and James and his house bright and early at 4:45AM. The night before, Richard had placed some Gatorade and G2 at strategic locations along our route the night before, so we wouldn't need to carry anything. Nicely done, Rich!

We took off as soon as I arrived. There wasn't going to be any daylight for a while. This run had everything a long distance runner could want, a nice flat road section to start, followed by some serious road climbing up Drake, followed by some serious trail climbing up the powerline cut above Jones Valley, followed by some more road running. Completing the final third of this 12 miler is a great trail section on Bluffline Trail followed by some seriously technical downhill trail running on Tollgate Trail. Did anyone keep track of how many times I used "serious" in this paragraph?

To get our competitive spirits going, there was a final 1.5 mile stretch of downhill road running on Bankhead Parkway until we arrived back at Richard's house with just enough time to spare for a shower and a cup of coffee at home before heading into the office. I'd like to start every day of the week this way....maybe I will. After all, the Fall weather is slowly arriving and the temps were perfect for running. As long as I start bringing along a headlamp, the daylight savings time won't be a factor either on our morning trail runs.

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