Training Log - Thursday, October 27, 2011

10/27/2011 11:11:00 PM

Once again, I opted to run in the afternoon. That also allowed me to convince Rich to join me. Little did he know that my training plan called for a fast one, one mile warm up followed by 4 miles at sub 7:18 minute pace and a one mile cool down.

When we stepped onto he road to start our run, the cold wind hit our face. We also expexted to get wet as it had started to drizzle as I was driving home from work. As we slowly increased our pace I felt a sharp pain at the top of my left hamstring. I tweaked it a little during Pilates class at lunch with a warm up stretch, go figure.

As I continued the warm up mile, the pain continued. I decided to keep pushing, hoping for it to warm up and the pain to subside. Lucky me, as we picked up our pace at the one mile mark, the pain seemed to be almost completely gone and I was able to hit the minimum target pace right away. Rich stayed with me for the first mile and decided to do intervalls instead, dropping after a mile only to rejoin me later for another speedier mile. I ran the first two miles at a overall pace of 7:18. I then picked up te pace to finish the "brisk" 4 miles with an overall pace of 7:12 minutes per mile.

The temps had dropped significantly and I was ready to be done. Tomorrow is a rest day, followed by a 5K on Saturday  and a 20 miler Sunday.

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