Training Log - Monday, December 19, 2011

12/19/2011 10:16:00 PM

The days are getting shorter and busier and it shows in my ability to find peeps to run with me:-( I've been finding plenty of excuses not to run, so it's always helpful to be held accountable by a friend. Luckily, James was up for the challenge and ready to give his tender ankle a try. He'd spent most of last week on crutches after rolling his ankle on our last training run together. We decided to give the ol' Redstone Federal Credit Union loop a try. It's a one mile loop circumventing the credit union lot on what could be described as a flat cross country course as it consists of .5 miles of asphalt sidewalk and .5 miles of semi-marked cross country trail.

James and I met at the credit union at 5:30AM. He arrived by car, I arrived on foot. I decided to run the 2 miles to the loop for a 4 mile out and back plus anything else we do on the course. As it happened, James' ankle held up fine, his stomach didn't. We did an easy two miles together in temperatures just above freezing before I turned back home for a total of 6 miles at a slow 9 minute per mile pace. I was just glad to have gotten another run in. Thankfully, James seems to be recovering nicely as well, rehabbing his ankle just in time for the Mountain Mist 50K in January;-)

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