Training Log - Monday, December 26, 2011

12/26/2011 08:56:00 PM

I finally got my tail out of bed early this morning to meet up with Rich for a nice long overdue trail run. We chose our usual Pratt Ave to Monte Sano Ranger Station out & back trail run, but we made one slight adjustment for the return leg back down from the mountain. Instead of running down on the trails, we chose to head down the old & new Bankhead Parkway to accommodate my ankle injury. I've found that I'm mostly okay running trails uphill, but that I am much more likely to roll my ankle on downhill trails.

I also got to use one of my new toys I received for Christmas. I was wearing a head-mounted GoPro HD video camera during our run and once daylight appeared, I turned it on. I'm going to use a bunch of different settings and mounts before I'll post a full review here on my blog, but it is cool to know that I can finally record some of the cool stuff I encounter on the trails during training runs and races, always unexpectedly. The temperatures were pretty cold, but it actually got warmer as we headed up the mountain. The view from the lookout on top of Monte Sano was stunning, fog blanketed the valley between our local mountains, making them look like little islands in a sea. Adding the sunrise to this panorama made the picture complete.

During the entire run, I didn't roll my ankle and it held up fine without any problems. Let's hope it stays that way from here on out.

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