Training Log - Friday, January 13, 2012

1/13/2012 04:31:00 PM

It's Friday the 13th? So what. It's 20 degrees outside? So what. Wind chill is so high it'll freeze the water in your hydration bladder? Uhm, that sucks. That's exactly what happened this morning, but it didn't keep Richard, James and I from getting out there and get our trail run in.

We met up at Richard's house at 5AM sharp and after waiting to see if Ed would show up (let's face it, he probably looked outside and went back to sleep;-), we took off to run to the Ranger Station on Monte Sano Mountain and back. This little 10 miler has become one of our staple training runs as it offers plenty of technical trails climbing straight up the mountain. It's a small mountain but sufficient for my abilities. I realized that is was extremely cold when the buff I was wearing around my neck was frozen solid after a few minutes. About half way into our climb, Rich just wasn't feeling it and turned around to head back on the road. We found out later that he was probably just way dehydrated from the previous training run.

James and I continued on, albeit slower than usual. Both of us are still nursing ankle injuries and so it was safety before speed today. I was wearing a new racing pack (CamelBak Octane XCT) in preparation for the Nicaragua race next month that I loaded up with all of the stuff I'd expect to take with me during that event, e.g. gels, camera, spare lights and batteries, wind breaker, blister kit, and 1.5 liters (instead of full 3l bladder) of water. It only added up to about 6.5 lbs according to my weight scale. And since my weight scale obviously adds weight as is evident every time I step on it, it was probable much less than 6.5 lbs;-) I wanted to see if it would hold my essential gear, how the pack would ride on my back and if there were any chafing issues. So far so good. I plan to do a full review of the pack at a later time. James and I completed the run in a little over two hours, which I was perfectly fine with at this point considering the weather and injuries and such. It appeared that I was slightly overdressed as I lost about 3 lbs more than usual. Better too warm than too cold;-)

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