Training Log - Thursday, January 12, 2012

1/12/2012 02:23:00 PM

The weather has been bleak for the last few days with colder temps, stronger winds and snow in the forecast for tonight, so I figured I'd get my daily run in during my lunch break. Richard stopped by my house around 11:15AM and we managed to log just over 6 miles at a leisurely 8:45 minute per mile pace.

We decided to run the usual UAH loop and to run a loop and a half figure 8 loop to get to 6 miles. An overcast sky, temps in the 40s and stronger than expected winds made sections of the run rather cold, but my windbreaker kept me just at the right body temp. Richard wasn't so lucky. In the end, we just picked up the pace a little to stay comfortable. That seems to work well when I start to get cold.

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  1. probably not blog appropriate.... but screw you for calling 8:45 a leisurely pace. :)


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