Training Log - Monday, January 16, 2012

1/16/2012 12:12:00 PM

I met up with James at Richard's house (Rich's been sick, so he didn't join us) at 5AM to do our usual Ranger Station out & back trail run. Ed was supposed to join us, but he overslept. This trail run gives us about 1300 feet of climb and 1300 feet of descent over the course of just under 10 miles.

We headed for the mountain just a few minutes after 5AM. The temperatures had warmed up a little bit overnight, so ice wasn't an issue. However, because of the thawing grounds the trails were still bit muddy. James and I went for a steady pace up the mountain. The goal was to keep running and to not start walking on any of the steeper climbs.

James and I ended up taking an easy pace on the way back, too. I used my new CamelBak again to train with the added weight and it worked great, no bouncing or sloshing around. I plan to continue to train on hills with the majority of my training on trails and hills with some easy road miles and some hill repeats on roads scattered in between in preparation of my upcoming 100K and 100M races in February and March respectively.

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