Training Log - Tuesday, January 17, 2012

1/17/2012 03:32:00 PM

I squeezed in today's training run during my lunch break. Since I had a conference call scheduled right after my lunch break I needed to haul @$$ to be sure not to miss it. The weather was also indicating a turn for the worse and while the temperatures were extremely mild, I didn't want to be out there in thunder and lightning.

I headed out the door with an easy 6 miler on the agenda. Realizing the small window of opportunity to get in a dry run in time for my meeting, I decided to push the pace just a little. However, I did want to run completely by feel and not be driven by my Garmin for a change. So instead of checking my pace every mile or at all for that matter, I just kept pushing a little more every time I thought I might be falling off my pace. When I finally made it back to my house after completing 6.5 miles, I had run an average pace of 7:49 per mile, which wasn't bad, considering I didn't feel like I was outside my comfort zone at all.

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