Training Log - Wednesday, January 18, 2012

1/18/2012 05:56:00 PM

Hill repeats were on my training schedule today. I met up with James at Richard's house, who was still recovering from his sinus problems and opted for a treadmill workout instead. James and I, however, braved the cold temps (32 degrees) and headed for the Cotton Row hill just before 6AM.

My self created training plan called for 12x hill repeats after doing 10x repeats for the last two weeks, slowly ramping up the volume. After much thought, I decided it is imperative that I ramp up my weekly mileage sooner rather than later and increasing the number of repeats provides a small contribution to this effort. In any case, it's necessary to continue to progress my training and to reap the benefits.

Weather permitting, I plan to introduce "Twoadays" starting tomorrow to safely increase my mileage closer to my new target of a couple of 75+ mile weeks before my next 100 miler in March. But since I have the Fuego Y Agua 100K just two weeks before, I need to make sure to manage my mileage and race efforts carefully. As soon as I complete Mountain Mist 50K next week, I will start my logistics planning for Fuego Y Agua. Exciting times ahead indeed;-)

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