Training Log - Monday, January 9, 2012

1/09/2012 08:53:00 PM

Met up with Rich at his house this morning to go on our favorite out & back trail run to the Monte Sano State Park Ranger Station. This 10 mile rail run provides everything one needs from a training run in preparation for ultras, climbing, technical trails and, because we left at 5AM, mostly running in the dark, preparing you for night time trail running.

In addition to the usual conditions, we had to deal with some serious fog, which makes for some interesting trail running in the dark across mud and slippery rocks. For the first time, Richard chose not to take any walk breaks during the uphill leg of our run, which was a first for him. There are a couple of tough uphill sections and he usually decides to walk some of them. Well done and way to suck it up, my friend;-)

We were lucky enough to enjoy another day of mild temperatures and ran a slow but steady pace all the way to the top of Monte Sano mountain. Once we reached the top, the fog seemed to actually thicken. After making the turnaround point at the picnic pavilion, we decided to head down on the road rather than on the trails. The visibility was barely above 2-3 feet at this point and footing was difficult. i had already rolled my ankle once on the way up here and the downhills would be much more challenging. Instead, Rich and I headed down Bankhead Parkway, allowing us to pick up our pace with much better footing. After an hour and forty some minutes, we had another 10 miles in the books.  

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