Training Log - Monday, February 6, 2012

2/06/2012 09:16:00 PM

Before departing for Florida for the week, I managed one more trail run this morning. I met up with Rich at 5AM to run our usual Monday morning route from Pratt Ave to the Ranger Station. This 10 mile out & back on trails of the Land Trust of North Alabama and Monte Sano State Park is a great hill workout, since the out leg goes straight up Monte Sano mountain.

The temperatures were once again a little cooler in the low 40s and the trails remained seriously muddy. I kept a steady pace without pushing too hard. With less than two weeks to go before Fuego y Agua 100K I want to make sure I don't risk serious injury or overtraining. I know, I know, calling my weekly mileage anywhere near the possibility of overtraining is a stretch for some folks, but based on my previous training, I am actually doing pretty well in the mileage department. However, I still want to ensure I don't over or underdo it;-)

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