Training Log - Wednesday, February 1, 2012

2/01/2012 11:08:00 AM

Part 1 - Hill Repeats
It was that time of the week again, it was time for the hill workout. While the temperatures were perfect in the high 50s, the sky wasn't quite as cooperative. As soon as Rich and I took off from his house to make our way to "puke hill" on the Cotton Row 10K course, it started to drizzle.

After our warm-up mile, we arrived at the bottom of the hill. The rain had subsided, if only temporarily. I started my first repeat still feeling sleepy. As I continued on, I started to count down the remaining repeats. I had planned to do 14 repeats, but as we continued, the rain picked up again and it got worse. Because the hill is so steep, it actually started to become a little slippery. I was determined to continue, but as I completed my tenth repeat, the rain continued to get worse. I decided that 10 repeats was better than none and called it a day, trying to get back to home base before I was not only soaked but cold as well.

Overall, it ended up being a solid hill repeats workout . I kept my pace steady and strong and I recovered even faster between repeats than in previous weeks. Hopefully, this is just another indication of my more serious training paying off a little.

Part 2 - Tempo Run
Since I had to cut this morning's workout a little short, I figured I'd tag on a short tempo run this evening. The rain had stopped, so I headed out for a short UAH loop pushing the pace a little to get in a workout. I ended up running at half marathon pace, which felt pretty brisk to me. I finished the run feeling exhausted, but not spent and 5 minutes later, I was fully recovered. I think my training might pay of;-)

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