Training Log - Thursday, February 2, 2012

2/02/2012 03:55:00 PM

As I looked at the calendar today, I realized that I would be departing for Isla de Ometepe, Nicaragua in exactly two weeks. While I am excited to no end that my fiancee Anya will be accompanying me on this ultra running adventure, I am also getting very nervous about the race itself. Fuego Y Agua is a 100K ultra marathon taking runners across two volcanoes in the process. While I've trained better over the last few months than I ever have, this race is intimidating. I've started working on a separate post that just deals with the prep and logistics of that race, but my actual training must continue. After all, Fuego Y Agua is just two weeks before the Double Top 100 Mile race, which I somehow ended up registering for as well;-)

My training schedule called for an easy run today, so I decided to try to get a few miles in around UAH. I cose to run during lunch, because the weather forecast promised temps in the 60s and sunshine. I couldn't pass that up. Once again, I ran the way I felt, never checking my pace on my Garmin. I pushed a little and I would back off whenever it felt like serious effort. When I got home and checked my watch, I had logged nine and a half miles in 75 minutes, the fastest I had ever run that double loop on a training run and a lesser effort than ever before as well. I don't know why but my running has been going great. Let's hope I can keep this momentum through the next 5 weeks.

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