Training Log - March 8, 2012

3/08/2012 04:00:00 PM

Wow, I was still floating on cloud 9, when Richard and I met up at my house this AM to go for our first recovery jog since the big Double Top 100 Mile Endurance Run weekend. I had a near perfect race weekend. I say near, because my right knee is slightly inflamed on the inside, but some pain and discomfort was to be expected after the amount of climbing involved in the race, and come on, it was one hundred miles!

Rich and I left shortly after 6AM to run the short UAH loop for an easy 4.5 miles. The temps were already in the 60s, just the kind of weather I like after running in near freezing temps during the night portion of last weekend's race. We kept a slow pace and continued to recap the weekend while comparing notes on the different pains we were still dealing with. We also started to discuss the "goals" for this weekend's Delano Park 12 hour race and I think it is fair to state that at this point, I will "only" be shooting for a 50K and not 100K like I had initially planned before I registered for the 100 miler I ran this past weekend.

It should be fun either way with lots of local runners hanging out at the park to run and socialize. And did I mention that my fiancee decided to join in the fun by registering for the 12 hour event as well? I am so curious to see how many miles she will log. Anything > 5 miles is possible. It will be a great event.

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