Race Report - 2012 Summer Cross Country Runs 1 & 3 Miles (Week 2)

6/12/2012 08:32:00 PM

Week 2 of the Summer Cross Country Run series and I decided to treat the 1 mile distance like a warm-up. I ran a nice and easy 8 minute mile on the dot. For the 3 mile distance, I wanted to push the pace. I figured I could push harder than last week, considering that I took it easy on the 1 miler. Apparently, almost everyone else was thinking the same thing and I ended up just behind the same folks as last week, even though I ran the 3 miles a minute faster than last week.  While I was able to maintain my goal pace for the first and final mile, I dropped my pace on the second mile that includes the "little" hill climb.

If I can continue to improve my pace week to week, that would be great training progress. For now, my goal continues to slowly increase my mileage to above 50 miles per week, while maintaining my current training schedule including hill repeats, track workouts, the cross country races, a couple of trail runs and a long trail run on the weekend. Once I reach 50+ miles, I will start to add two-a-days to increase mileage in an effort to keep risk of overuse injury low.

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