Training Log - Monday, June 25, 2012

6/25/2012 01:44:00 PM

Richard finally joined Ed and me for our Monday morning Pratt Ave Ranger Station out & back 10 mile trail run. The humidity levels and even early morning temps are getting tougher every day. Once again, I looked like I had just gotten out of a pool when I completed this morning's run. We kept a slow pace, walking some of the steep climbs at times, catching up on the last couple of weeks and discussing the upcoming events. It looks like I will have a solid crew and pace team for my Georgia Jewel 100 Mile attempt in September. If indeed I am able to ramp up my mileage to include a few 75+ and even 100+ mileage weeks prior to the Georgia Jewel, then I think attempting a sub 24 hour finish is a possibility.

I have been adding more hills and even track workouts to my training schedule to become faster as well, so hopefully that coupled with the added mileage will get me ready. Oh yeah, I also had my first "real" tick encounter when I arrived back home this morning. One of those little buggers had attached itself at the bottom of my right calf just above my  ankle sock. As I was wiping the dirt off my legs on my front porch before entering the house, I noticed one little speck of dirt that was rather resistant. I quickly realized that this was indeed a tick. Thankfully, it had not burried its head under my skin, yet and I was able to pull it off and dispose of it. Its feet were rather clingy, I have to admit and it is something I'd prefer I would not have to deal with, but it's either taking the risk and being cautious or not running trails at all this summer.

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