Training Log - Monday, June 4, 2012

6/04/2012 09:36:00 AM

My 100 mile training has officially started again. Ed and I met up at Rich's house (everyone else chickened out for different "mostly legitimate" reasons;-) for a nice ranger station out and back trail run starting at Five Points for a total of 10 miles. After taking it easy for a couple of weeks, we decided to take an easy pace as we climbed Monte Sano on the Toll Gate Trail. It ended up being a twilight run with plenty of rain and some thunder and lightning. I usually avoid running in lightning, but the weather actually looked fairly decent with only a slight drizzle when we took off. The temps were nice enough and the rain provided a nice cool off during the run. The first 5 miles of the trail run gave us about 1300 feet of climbing before we descended the same elevation on the 5 mile back leg.

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