Race Report - 2012 Summer Cross Country Runs 1 & 3 Miles (Week 1)

6/05/2012 10:15:00 PM

I participated in my first Summer Cross Country Runs this afternoon, but I only ran the 1 and 3 mile distances, skipping the 2 mile distance in recognition of my extremely sore body (i started cross training yesterday) and in anticipation of the hill repeats workout scheduled for tomorrow. I fully intend to run all 3 distances next week.

I got to talk to a few fellow runners just before and in between races, exchanging race schedules for the next few months. Quite a few guys running 100 milers in the near future. The 1 mile distance was the first race and I stupidly laid it allot there, just like all the young high school kids out there to kick off their summer training for their upcoming cross country season. When I lined up for the 3 mile distance I was mostly recovered and willing to push the pace again, this time just a little more conservatively from the start. I stayed with a couple of guys until they left me in their dust. I clearly have some serious training to do to get back up to speed and to be comfortable with more distance again.

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