Training Log - Wednesday, June 20, 2012 (Part 1)

6/20/2012 11:16:00 AM

Hill workout! James suggested to change things up a bit today, so Ed, James and I met up at the old Randolph School parking lot to head about a mile down the street on Drake Ave towards the mountain, where we started to run 10x 2 minute hill repeats with 3 minute recoveries, slowly working our way up the entire section until we ended up on the last and steepest section of Drake Ave for our final two repeats. We continued on to complete a 1.5 mile cool down run before arriving back at the school parking lot. These repeats felt tougher and I was sure that the elevation gain was significantly more than our usual Cotton Row hill repeats, but I was wrong. We only climbed an additional 100 feet (total of just over 1000 feet) vs. "puke hill". The weather was just right, not too hot with a little breeze. By the way, maybe it was the lack of oxygen in my lungs after the 6th or 7th repeat, but I could have sworn I saw Eric Charette walking one of his dogs. Shout out to you, if it was indeed you, buddy! If it wasn't you, my apologies to the person I yelled and waved at, instead;-)

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