Race Report - 2012 Summer Cross Country 1/2/3 Mile Runs (Week 5)

7/03/2012 10:23:00 PM

Is it going to get cooler any time soon? The field was a lot thinner than usual, lots of folks apparently were on 4th of July vacation already. None of my nemeses had showed up, which meant I could actually follow my plan to sit back and take it easy. After all, I had planned to race the Firecracker 5K on July 4th in an attempt to set a new PR and what I didn't need was to spend all my energy on the XC runs the night before the 5K race. Hopefully, my decision to dial it back a little bit would help me set a new PR, but that will be revealed after the Firecracker 5K. I still managed to finish in the top 15 and top 10 for the 3 and 3 mile races, respectively. Props to all the folks showing up on yet another hot night to get their runs in. It's always more fun to run with a bunch of like-minded people then yo log your training miles all alone all the time:-)

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