Race Report - 2012 Summer Cross Country 1/3/2 Mile Runs (Week 8)

7/24/2012 09:02:00 PM

Today was about mileage and not speed, so I met up with Richard in the morning to log 4.5 miles on my usual UAH loop before running the Summer Cross Country Runs at the Huntsville XC Running Park in the evening.

I arrived at the running park a little early to run an additional 2 miles before the actual races. I ran into Cary Long, who joined me for 2 after having logged a bunch of miles already himself. There were a couple of the usual folks running, but quite a few were missing as well, which actually suited me fine. that way, I didn't have to actually race. Instead, I just kept a steady pace through all 3 races, picking up the pace only towards the end of each race.

The temperatures were extremely hot (what else is new!) and the humidity levels were near 100% (are you kidding?). Anyway, it was draining the life out of me and I knew I had to save some energy for the run the following morning. Either way, I managed 12.5 miles for the day, so speed didn't really matter.

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