Training Log - Friday, July 13, 2012

7/13/2012 01:24:00 PM

It was just James and I this morning. Ed didn't show (hope you're ok, buddy!) and Rich had to be at work early. James and I took off at 4:30 AM to run up to the ranger station and back. Originally, we had planned to add the South Plateau Loop into the run, but we opted for the North Plateau Loop instead, because my legs were heavy due to the higher mileage this week.

The trails were slick and muddy...and dark. I guess that's to be expected at 4:30 AM. The overcast sky didn't help. Once we reached the top of Monte Sano, the sky finally showed some daylight. I was running with my pack again and James could tell I was laboring more than usual. Can you say "heavy footfalls"? Anyway, once the trails leveled out I felt ok and the way back down the mountain wasn't bad either. Overall, it had been a great week so far. Hopefully, tomorrow's long run will be the perfect conclusion to my first "higher than usual" mileage week. James and I ended up running just under 10 miles at a slower than usual pace, but that's ok. Today was just about getting the miles done and it's always great to do that with lots of climbing and a picturesque setting involved. We've been seeing plenty of deer and foxes on the mountain lately:-)

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