Training Log - Saturday, July 14, 2012

7/14/2012 08:48:00 PM

This was to be my long run for the week, but I decided to cut it short, running 13 miles rather than 15 or 16. The total mileage for this week was almost 70 miles with 6500 feet of elevation gain, almost 100 feet of climbing per mile. Since the last 5 weeks had been closer to 40-50 miles per week, I needed to keep the ramp up reasonable. I am shooting for a 70+ mileage week next week and two or three 100 mile weeks before reducing mileage again prior to the Georgia Jewel 100. I've changed my training in some areas (added consistent hill training and track speed workouts, and more weekly mileage overall if everything goes as planned) and kept it the same in others (Monday and Friday Ranger Station runs and Saturday long runs) with the goal of running sub 24 hours at either one of my upcoming 100 mile races (Georgia Jewel 100 or Pinhoti 100).

This was also my first semi solo run in quite a while since everyone else ditched me;-) Just kidding, boys! I left my car at Richard's house at 6AM with the goal to run up Tollgate and Cold Springs Trail to the Ranger Station and the Monte Sano hiker's parking lot where I would meet the Saturday morning 7AM trail running group from WRH. Jason also planned to be there, so I waited for him to show. Since he was running about 10 minutes late, the others had already taken off. Jason and I decided to run the white loop at an easy pace before I would head back down the mountain and back to my car. Since Jason wanted a few more miles as well, he actually joined me down the mountain before running back up again. If there is anything more challenging that running up and down the mountain it is running down and then up the mountain to finish out the run. Well done Jason, I didn't envy you when you turned around to climb back up.

I completed about 13 miles at a slow and steady pace, incorporating lots of technical trails and a reasonable amount of elevation gain to lose out this first week of high mileage. I still need to do better in my long runs....e.g. run loooonger.

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