Training Log - July 27, 2012

7/27/2012 03:59:00 PM

After yesterday's debacle track workout, I was worried about today's scheduled run up the mountain. The heat and humidity have really been getting to me, but I keep telling myself that PRs are gonna fall this Fall if I can keep up my training. Anyway, I met up with Rich and James at 5AM as usual for our trail run to the Ranger station and back. This is a nice 10 mile out and back trail run with about 1400 feet of climb and some extremely technical trail sections. One of these days, I plan to run this thing twice as my weekend long run.

We had to use our headlamps as the days are getting shorter again. We kept an easy pace and dropped Richard at the Land Trust hiker's parking lot, since he wanted to cut his run short in anticipation of tomorrow's adventurous long run, but more about that one in tomorrow's training log:-) I didn't have the luxury of cutting this run short, I desperately needed to increase my mileage after taking it easy last week. James and I continued at a perceived slow pace, but when we arrived at the top, we noticed that our pace was actually not that bad. It wasn't fast by any means, but it certainly wasn't as slow as we have done this one before. We turned around and continued at an easy pace and my body thanked me for it. The temps were already in the low 80s and the humidity levels continue to be ridiculous.

While I was dropping some significant "water" during the run, I have been rehydrating all day and I am actually feeling pretty good right about now (e.g. 9 hours later) which will hopefully stay that way until tomorrow at 6AM, when I will be meeting up with the crew again for a nice tough 22 miler.

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