Training Log - Thursday, July 26, 2012

7/26/2012 10:39:00 PM

Wow, once again, heat and humidity dominated my workout, but this time, it actually resulted in my worst training performance, yet as I was unable to maintain my goal pace for the last 2 repeats. Shannon had come up with what I thought would be an almost easy workout. Boy, was I wrong! One mile warm up, followed by six 800m repeats with 30 second recovery jogs in between and followed by one mile cool down. On paper, this looks like an easy workout. Shannon asked for 5K pace +15 seconds, I wanted to make it tougher, setting my Garmin to target 5K pace - 15 seconds. While I was able to hold this target of 6 minute per mile pace for the first 4 repeats, the wheels came completely off on the final 2. I had to extend my last two 30 second recovery periods and I was glad to barely hang on to sub 7 minute pace for the final lap. Well, when you think you've made it, reality sets you straight. While it hurt, both physically and mentally, to not be able to stick to the workout, it also has given me renewed motivation to keep on pressing forward with my current training regimen. After all, tomorrow is another day...and I get to do it all over again;-)

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