Training Log - Wednesday, July 18, 2012

7/18/2012 09:50:00 AM

It's 3:45AM and I am right awake. Why, just why did I wake up at 3:25AM. I could've had 20 more minutes of sleep. Instead, I ended up tossing and turning, refusing to get up before an already unreasonably early wake up call. Oh, the things we do to get ready for a 100 mile race.

I met James and Ed for a 13 mile run at Richard's house at 4:30AM. James had come up with another adventurous route for today's run, slightly deviating from last week's route to give us that little extra distance (and elevation gain) to make this a full half marathon distance. We ended up running from Pratt Ave through some neighborhoods and along California and Whitesburg until we turned left onto Drake Ave. We following Drake with all its ups and downs (way way more ups than downs) until we reached a dead end. Well, its a dead end for normal folk. For trail runners, it's the entrance to the Powerline Cut "trail".

After climbing the powerline cut, which consists of a combination of rocky technical terrain with plenty of briers (to be fair, Huntsville Utilities recently cleared a lot of that stuff out) and a long gravel section, we turned left onto the "Spacewalk" trail before entering another neighborhood. After crossing Governor's Drive, we followed Monte Sano Blvd until turning left onto the Bluffline Trail. Later on, we continued onto High Trail and another  newly cut short cut trail back up the mountain until we hit the Tollgate Trail again.

This is where we finally turned left to make our descent down from the mountain. When we arrived back at "the base", we had logged almost exactly 13 miles with 1600 feet of climb. Not bad for an early morning run before work. Not the fastest run, but plenty of "time on feet". Here are some numbers from today's run: 70 ounces of Gatorade consumed and 5 lbs of water lost during run. 3 deer, 1 Armadillo, 1 rabbit, 1 squirrel and 1 cat spotted during run.

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