Training Log - Thursday, August 2, 2012

8/02/2012 09:56:00 AM

Part1: Not knowing whether I would be able to do the track workout with the "Need For Speed" group in the evening due to other family activities, I decided to get a quick 8 miler done in the morning. I opted for 2 figure 8 loops around the UAH campus. I kept my pace just above 8 minutes per mile as I needed to leave some in the reserve just in case I did do a speed workout in the evening. Before I knew it, the workout was over and I was drenched in sweat as usual these days in the hot and humid south.

Part 2: I ended up finding time to squeeze in a speed workout after all, but I ended up having to do it on my own rather than with the group at the Grissom High School track. Instead, I loaded the workout of the day into my Garmin Forerunner and took off from my house headed to UAH. I knew I'd get a nice 1 mile warm up and cool down to and from my house and I'd get just enough mileage around the UAH campus to get the 12x 400m float intervals done. I had to run 1 mile warm up followed by 12x 400m at 5k +15 seconds pace, where I had to run the first 300m hard followed by 100m easy. There would be no breaks until the 1 mile cool down. I was glad to get it done, just in time to pick up my son from his soccer practice:-)

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