Training Log - Saturday, September 8, 2012

9/08/2012 03:47:00 PM

Perfect weather for a long trail run this morning. Slight overcast and cooler temps with a chance of rain. I met up with Cary Long, Ed Johnson and a couple of other folks at the hiker's parking lot at 6AM. The plan was to run the 5 mile North loop of the Dizzy Fifties race course before meeting up with a few more runners back at the parking lot at 7AM to run a modified version of the first half of the Mountain Mist race course.

We started running just after 6:05AM and stopped at 6:06AM. One of us had their first wipeout just 50 yards into the run. Well, it's always good to get the falls out of the way early. At 6:09AM we stopped again, Ed had rolled his ankle. Just a minute later, I tripped on a tiny root that literally obliterated my right shoe, ripping two large gashes into the upper and even ripping the rubber material that the upper was attached to. Hm, this was going to be an even longer day if we continued on like this.

However, we were able to continue without problems for now and the first 5 miles went by pretty fast. Back in the hiker's parking lot, we picked up a group of runners including Jason Shattuck to continue our run for an additional 15 miles. Most runners stayed with us for about 5-8miles while Cary, Ed, Jason and I continued on. Unforeseen remaining incidents were reduced to a pitstop and an ankle roll. Jason and Ed peeled off just about a mile early while Cary and I continued to complete just over 19 miles. Intermittent rain showers kept me cool for most of the way and the pace kept me relaxed. I did go through about 100 ounces of liquids during the run and I never felt sloshy. I also took a couple of salt pills and a Honey Stinger waffle and chews to stay fueled.

All in all, it was a great run. I'm not sure how to squeeze in a long run next week, but I'm sure I'll figure it out. I plan to do easier runs during the weeks without much climbing. The goals is to keep running while allowing my body and muscles to recover in an effort to taper for the Georgia Jewel 100 in two weeks.

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