Training Log - Thursday, September

9/13/2012 09:46:00 PM

I was able to meet up with the Need For Speed group this evening for planned 400m repeats. However, the Grissom High School track was occupied by it's marching band, so Shannon chose to run Fartleks on the neighboring roads across the street from the school. The layout of the neighborhood lent itself to this type of training. The grid of streets allowed us to run at near maximum pace for .3 miles down one street before turning on the next street for a 70% recovery jog. Once we reached the end of the next street, we would pick up our pace again for another .3 miles. We kept "zigzagging" down the neighborhood and back until we had about 5 or 6 pickups in the books. It was quite a challenge to stick with Shannon's pace during this workout as Jason can attest to as well, but we managed to stay with him for the most part.

When I got home, I finally had a chance to look at our pickup pace for the 5 or 6 repeats. We managed to keep a sub 5:30 min per mile pace for all of the fast legs, not too bad at all. I do not plan an major workouts for the next 8 days in order to give my body time to recharge for the Georgia Jewel.

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