Training Log - Wednesday, September 12, 2012

9/12/2012 05:10:00 PM

After Ed decided to take another day to nurse his heel injury, James and I met up at Richard's house at 5:15AM to get back to our favorite Ranger Station out & back 10 miler up and and back down Monte Sano mountain. This run is mostly technical single track trail with lots of climbing on the way out (up) and lots of technical downhill on the way back. We decided to take an easy pace today, which allowed us to catch up and carry a conversation without fighting for air, which was quite enjoyable. Shortly after filling James in on my running shoe fiasco from Saturday's trail run, I decided to provide him with another tale from the trails. I decided to pick up the pace during the last half mile of technical downhill trail and ended up tripping forward, only softening the blow of the crash by hooking a tree with my right arm on the way down. The inside of my right lower arm looks like a very large "strawberry" (severe rug burn). Luckily, I received no further injuries other than a few scrapes on my left knee. I also managed once again to damage yet another pair of trail shoes, but this time it's only a very tiny tear in the cushioning around the ankle. Anyway, after that and last Saturday's adventure, I pretty much decided to keep it somewhat flat for the remainder of my 100 mile training. The Georgia Jewel 100 is in 10 days and I'm supposed to taper anyway, right?

After work, I decided to join my wife on a nice 5 miler around the UAH campus. I have to admit, it is much for fun to run with someone who is training for a race than it is to run because you are training for a race, does that make sense? It's just running for running's sake and I'm sure I'll be doing much more of that once I've tackled the Gerogia Jewel 100 and Pinhoti 100 in the next couple of months;-)

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