Training Log - Tuesday, September 28, 2010

9/28/2010 11:03:00 AM

What a great day to get back to running after an injury related 10 day layoff. I played soccer last Sunday and had no problems, so I figured my heel might be ready to hit the pavement again. I got rained out yesterday, so I waited until this morning to get a quick and short run in. I was going to go slow, but I felt pretty good, so I opted to try a negative split training run. I ended up running 4.3 miles in 32 minutes, which still isn't race pace, but it was certainly a nice pace. I figured short distance with quicker pace is not a bad training run. The temps were nice and cool, so I didn't start breaking a sweat until 1.5 miles into the run. My heel didn't bother me at all during the entire run, which was definitely a plus. I hated to miss the Hinson Lake 24 Hour run last weekend, but I really want to keep my eye on the ball, Pinhoti 100 in November. However, even that has become questionable with my low mileage weeks even preceeding the injury induced break. I am going to try to crank up the mileage this week and next and see how I feel before deciding how to proceed for the rest of the year. Race fees are already paid for a number of races and I really do not want to back out of any of them. Right now, I'm just glad to be back to running.

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