Training Log - Thursday, October 7, 2010 (PM)

10/07/2010 09:35:00 PM

Richard met me at my house at 5:30 PM this evening for a nice 11 miler. We urgently needed to ramp up our mileage for our upcoming races. We opted to run downtown, follow the Cotton Row Run 10K course and return back to my house. We ran a pretty consistent 9:15 minutes per mile pace for the entire run with a couple of slow downs on the uphills. I started feeling the combined mileage for the day after about 9 miles. The temps were pretty warm and the one bottle of water I brought didn't make it back to my house, but it was sufficient. The weather has been chaning hourly this week, from very cold to very warm. I wonder if we actually get a fall this year.

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