Training Log - Tuesday, February 22, 2011

2/22/2011 10:37:00 PM

I made good use of my time today. First, I went to a Pilates class during my lunch break (I am trying to add a core strengthening and stretching routine to my workout schedule in my quest to be come a better/faster runner). In the evening, I took my son to his soccer practice and I used that 90 minutes to get in a nice tempo run. I ended up doing just over 9 miles at a little over 8 minute per mile pace. I am finally feeling like I am recovering from my last race. The temps were in the high 40s and there was no wind or precip to speak of.

I had brought my headlamp, which I usually not utilize during road runs, but this run included the Indian Creek Greenway (unlit greenway) in Madison and I didn't want to spook anyone by just appearing behind or in front of them without any warning. Truth be told, I didn't want to be spooked. The headlamp made sure I didn't trip in any potholes as well as shine the path (and fellow runners and walkers) ahead. It ended up being a nice out & back at a better than usual pace. I need to continue to pick up the pace on my runs. I want to be more comfortable at a faster pace over longer distances during training runs, so eventually, ultras at a slower pace might actually feel easy;-)

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