Training Log - Tuesday, August 16, 2011

8/16/2011 03:19:00 PM

I initially planned to do a 10 miler up the mountain today, but when I arrived at Rich's house, he told me that he didnt have is proper trail running shoes and that we'd have to go for an easy road run. Since I needed to try to kind of taper anyway in anticipation of a planned 50 mile "training" trail race on Saturday, I wasn't too upset that we'd have to stay on the road. I actually suggested a short loop instead, so we just took off and logged about 4 very slow miles.

My Garmin log showed a very slow pace for today's road run. That's because today was probably the most bizarre training run ever. As I drove over to Richard's house at 5AM in the morning, I noticed a person just sitting on the side of the street in a parking lot just about 200 yards from Rich's house. As Rich and I took off for our run, I brought up how strange I thought the image of this person was just sitting there on the ground on the side of the road. As we approached that section of the street, we both started wondering if that person was still there. As we got closer, we made out a very small shape on the sidewalk. As we got closer, we realized the shape to be that of the woman I had seen earlier sitting on the side of the road. Now, she was just lying there on the sidewalk.

Richard approached her to ask if she needed assistance. She muttered that she needed help so Rich took off across the street to a Hardee's fast food joint that had already opened to call for help while I stayed with her. After making a 911 call, Richard returned and we waited for a couple of minutes before a HEMSI ambulance and a Huntsville police officer arrived. According to the police officer, it appeared that the woman was under the influence of some serious drugs. It was not a pretty sight at all and I wondered about what it took for someone to get to this point. She had visible signs of long term drug abuse. What would cause people to subject themselves to drugs that slowly but surely devoured their entire bodies and ultimately killed them? This was definitely not something one would expect to encounter while on their 5AM Tuesday morning run.

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