Training Log - Tuesday, August 9, 2011

8/09/2011 10:11:00 PM

Today's workout called for a 1 mile warm-up at 8:30 pace followed by 3x 2 mile pick-ups at 7:00 pace with 400m recovery jogs and a 1 mile cool down at the end. It was brutal. The relatively low heat didn't really make things easier, because the humidity was extremely high as it has been the past few weeks.

I didn't get to go for my run until after work at 5pm. I was joined by Richard and we managed to stay together for the duration of the 1 mile warm-up. After that, it was every man for himself. I managed to somewhat hold on to the required pace for the first 2 mile interval, but I ended up dropping 10 seconds per mile over the next two intervals. With these extreme weather conditions, I actually didn't mind not being able to keep the exact pace. I was just happy to be able to complete the session. My sweat rate has been ridiculously high and I've been struggling to get rehydrated after every outdoor activity.
Tomorrow's workout requires a 9 mile run at a "slow" 8:30 pace. I say it again, 8:30 is definitely not my definition of slow.

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