Race Report - 2012 Summer Cross Country 1/3/2 Mile Runs (Week 9)

7/31/2012 09:21:00 PM

After running a 3 mile warm up lap on the course, I decided not to "race" but rather just run the 3 distances today to get the mileage. However, it always bothers me to run any race and not push to the max. But then again, I am slowly learning the difference between training races and goal races and the goal race is the Georgia Jewel 100 at the end of September. I decided to make the 3 races tempo runs instead, taking about 30 seconds off my usual pace per mile, still making it a worthy and hard workout. The temps and especially humidity level were extremely high once again. It felt like I was breathing in hot steam, like breathing through a straw. And even thug i took the foot of the gas, I still managed respectable spots in the overall standings:-) Anyway, one more day of training is in the books and I am moving closer to my goal race.

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